Integrated Commerce

for CORE Business Studio™

Provide A Better Customer Experience with The 3 Bee Difference

It's all in the process!

A common complaint among our past clients resides in the lack of an integrated solution to manage all aspects of internal business processes. In addition, those businesses who do employ some sort of all-encompassing intranet solution, still suffer from a lack of complete integration AND those solutions that do exist which boast the ability to unify business systems through a single dashboard component quickly prove themselves to be cost prohibitive - requiring a monthly per user subscription fee. These costs quickly lead to expenditures equal to and often exceding the alternate cost model of in-house development not once, but every year during which the solution is in play.

Well, we've listened and have created a solution to this growing problem with our third add-on to our CORE Business Studio™ suite of products. In concert with our core philosophy, this product, once again boils down to the process in which we employ in delivery. As with other CORE Business Studio™ suite components, this strategy allows us to create a fully-customized solution at a cost that is both economical and sustainable as your organization continues to grow, years into the future.

Available Add-Ons