CORE Business Studio™

When Your People are Process Centric - So Too Should Bee Your Technology!

Experience The 3 Bee Difference

It's all in the process!

Have you ever worked with an IT professional who just impressed you with their apparent knowledge and abilities that you felt absolutely "blown away"! If you answered YES, then this article is for you. Now imgine yourself at your local café‚ line to order your favorite hot morning drink, the line is long this morning and the man standing behind you strikes up a conversation. A few minutes pass as you converse with him when you realize that the line isn't moving anymore. You suddenly stop and look around to realize that outside of your conversation, the room is dead silent. You wonder how much time has passed before you noticed that everyone in the room appear to be frozen in their tracks. You look at the man and ask rhetorically, "What is going on?"

You are amazed when you here his calm reply, "Do not be afraid."

PAUSE: Are you impressed? Convinced already that you've somehow found yourself in the middle of an episode of the Twilight Zone? Does this man somehow have the knowledge and ability to stop time?

A few moments later and the bustling activity of the room resumes. What just happened? Your conversation partner touches your shoulder and points over his shoulder and says, "Smile, your on Candid Camera!"

You stand there for a moment, as a smile draws itself across your face and you begin to laugh. Not so impressed now? Why? A moment ago, you didn't understand what was going on, or how this apparent technological feat had been achieved, but you were - just moments before - convinced that the man you will now never forget had everything to do with it in some "magical" way.

What does magic have to do with it?

Now apply this revelation to your experience meeting that tech-savy individual with whom you were so impressed. Not so impressive? Could it be that your impression was strongly shaped by your own lack of understanding of technical matters employed during the "magic show" that left you in a mental "blown away" state?

This is the conundrum that many business excutives find themselves in everyday when it comes to technology because this is simply not your area of expertise. You excel at running your business, building strong client relationships, and managing your staff. If you felt comfortable working in technological tasks, you wouldn't need to hire someone who is. This is where we come in.

Because with 3 Bee, you purchase a product - not a service - when you contract with us to complete and maintain your technology project, we are in the unique position to empower you by thouroughly demystifying the technology that makes up the inner workings of your application.

You don't need to understand every detail, like how the code is written and executed, but you would benefit greatly from knowing upfront, exctly which benefits you can expect on delivery at each phase, AND exactly how much investment will be required as well as a firm timeline to epect. After all, we all thrive in a predictable world. So get ready to say goodbye to ever elusive delivery dates, ambiguous feature development costs, and enhancement investment estimates for good! Say hello to predictability!

Introducing CORE Business Studio™

It all starts with a need. As a business executive, you've built your company on the back of one or many processes that you've spent years refining in order to accomplish two primary goals: 1) Minimize Operating Costs, and 2) Maximize Revenue. This basic principle requires therefore, that each of your processes are unique to your business and the people whom you've employed to complete them. But the most common trouble encountered during general business endeavors to build and implement technology around these processes is the propencity to remove and replace those processes that define your company as an extension of your own talents and hard work. This inevitably leads to change management failure, which results in failed investments in technology and the staff to produce and maintain it. If all this seams counter to your core goals of minimizing costs and maximizing revenue, you're exactly right! But is there an alternate approach?

YES there is!

Our CORE concept is comprised of a 4 Phase, 15 week, step-by-step process specially designed to embrace, educate, encompass, then finally enhance these business processes that you already have in place. This approach enables us to work with the existing materials and resources you already have in place, rather than reinventing your wheel, then by brute force replacing the already tried and true heart of your business. This is the essence of the 3 Bee difference!

Phase I: Embrace

Duration: 3 weeks

Let's get started! During phase I, the 3 Bee Team will come to you with intent. We want to learn all about you and what makes your business tick. This is an intense 3 weeks during which we will work with you and your staff to discover your core business processes, why they are in place, and what tools you are currently using to accomplish the various tasks accociated with those processes. Not sure you can accurately define some or all of your current processes. No problem! Our job is to formally define each one.

What you can expect

You will receive a collection of process diagrams which will formally define each and every process that makes up the inner workings of your business, as our team of experts understands them. These documents comprise your current state of being and are the most critical component to obtain prior to building real forward momentum through the CORE Business Studio™ process. Think of it as an inventory assessment designed to highlight potential problem areas and process breakown points. We will work directly with you using these documents to solidify your technology design blue print during phase II.

Phase II: Educate

Duration: 2 weeks

The second phase of the CORE Business Studio™ is characterized by the discussions we will have while refining the process definitions we completed during the initial phase of our project. We call this phase the Educate phase, because this is an intense time of idea exchange, and of highlighting pain points where processes are broken down, deficient, or lacking.

During our intensive 2 week sit down with you and your executive staff, our primary goal is to identify and resolve breehes and breakdowns within the current processes, then we will collectively work to refine and optimize them in detail. This is also the time in which we will work new desired packaged technologies into the processes which may already be in a waiting pattern or in process of full implementation, as well as, work out old technologies that should be outmoded and replaced.

What you can expect

Following the completion of phase 2, you will receive a second set of process diagrams outlining the newly refined processes that will replace the old ones we have already identified during phase 1. This will become our official blue print, and primary key to unlock the magic that happens during phase 3.

Phase III: Encompass

Duration: 8 weeks + 2 weeks deployment

Throughout the duration of phase 3, our team will define and build out your CORE business objects and business logic necessary to facilitate the collective processses defined during phase 2. Part of what makes our Encompass phase unique and of especially high value, lies in the way we define each data object. While our method focusses on creating only exactly what is needed in the here and now, unlike any other, our strategy delivers to you a base set of data objects that are pre-wired for quick and easy enhancements that fall in line with any and all forseeable enhancement you may decide to implement in the future. Our conclusions are based on our years of eperience working with other businesses just like yours, as well as close attention to details brought forth to the discussion table during the execution of phases 1 and 2. This strategy maximizes the lifecycle of the business application core which will represent the primary deliverable of this third phase of work - thus also maximizing the value of your investment.

What you can expect

The completion of phase 3 marks the unofficial end of the CORE Business Studio™ four phase process. You will receive a finished database and API architected to your exact needs. These deliverables form the CORE basis for your unified N-Tier enterprise application as your Data and Data Access layers, and comes with end-points to integrate to any new or existing intranet or other iscolated enhancable software solution. We build to your specifications with plans to deploy using your in-house server hardware, whether new or existing, Apple™, open source or Microsoft™. This new tool opens doors for the successful deployment of other beneficial technologies such as Business Intelligence, Custom Reporting, Unified ERP Integration, and much more - all in line with the primary objectives of Minimizing Costs and Maximizing Revenue.

Phase IV: Enhance

Duration: TBD

Our fourth phase is optional but truely necessary in every sense of the word. As you begin to work with the new unified Database and API delivered following the conclusion of phase 3, this is when your creativity bones will really begin to churn. That's why we've prepared some additional add-on product offerings to help you and your business realize the optimal benefits of your investment in CORE Business Studio™ as you continue down your path of growth in an ever-changing market landscape.

Next Steps