Enterprise Dashboard

for CORE Business Studio™

A Dashboard Experience Like no Other!

Dare to go Bee-yond!

What is it really like to have all the data you could need or want, right at your finger tipps? What could you accomplish if you had it?

  • Would you feel empowered to work smarter?
  • Would you have more confidence making business decisions?
  • Would you finally bee in perfect sync with real-time cashflow?

If you are like most business executives, you've probably spent about as many hours asking questions of your staff that reflect these very concerns as you have getting your own hands dirty in the mix. You now find yourself asking tirelessly for reports you previously carried in your head from years of managing and developing processes that eventually became too big for you to handle on your own. But along with the relief of hiring staff to manage an increasing scale, came the realization that you have entrusted the heartbeat of your company into the hands of another. Although you feel great about those hiring decisions, you've probably lost touch with the actual day-to-day ins and outs of your business to some extent - now reliant on day old documents, or worse - to make now tougher descisions about well, just about everything!

Now imagine you could have the perfect tool that would put you back in the drivers seat with fully transparent visibility of every process within the day-to-day inner workings of your business once more. That's what we strive to do with our CORE Extended Dashboard Experience!

We've spent the last 15 months becoming inimately aquainted with every aspect of your business already as you've moved through our CORE Business Studio™ process, now let's push those boundaries one step further. Once again... it's all about the process!

So It Bee-gins with Change Management!

We will start at the conclusion of the CORE Business Studio™ phase III: Embrace. Now that you have your brand new fully integrated Data API firmly in place, you are ready for phase IV: Enhance.

Get Ready! We're about to make some major changes that will make a huge impact on the way your organization completes tasks, leading us yet further along the pathway towards those age old primary goals, Minimizing Costs and Maximizing Revenue


Phase I: Plan and Manage Change

Duration: 2 weeks

Years of experience working with businesses just like yours has taught us the value of managing change. Change can be a scary proposition, especially for the most established, and most productive of staff members - no matter just how beneficial those changes may be, it's generally difficult to accept change. So naturally, this process begins with formulating a plan to manage those changes - before we encounter them.

During this critical phase, we will once again meet with you and your senior executive staff to discuss concerns about implementing change. We will tackle some difficult questions such as:

  • Process and Departmental Priorities
  • Potentially hardest hit personnel
  • Method of rollout options
  • the Overall expected impact to the organization
  • and finally, the expected timeline required for rollout and personnel training

Together we will clearly define project epectations, and discuss the personnel training methods that best match the culture of your organization. Then finally, we will re-review all existing but dis-junct technology platforms that are currently in place. We'll capture screen shots - build wire-frames, and discuss layouts and color schemes. We'll also make sure to cover what is liked, as well as, points of excess clicking and missing functionality. Our greatest strategy will always bee to start with the resources we already have, avoiding wheel re-invention wherever possible.

What you can expect

At the conclusion of this critical initial phase, we will add to our portfolio of process diagrams and business logic documentation - a new collection of helpful tools. This time comprised of a simplified plan of execution, outlining our final change management plan, complete with personnel training timeline and intended product rollout method. AND the all governing Functional Requirements Document. Now we have everything we need to move forward into the second and possibly the second most exciting phase of our project, Design!

Phase II: Design

Duration: 6 weeks

With close attention to each and every critical and governing decision made during phase one of our project, our design team will bee-gin work on a brand new, cutting-edge design.

What you can expect

You might expect the design phase to be the most intensive of all - and you are probably wondering just how we intend to deliver an entire internal dashboard application User Experience design with all of it's intricacies functional nuances. Rest assured, we've been doing this for a long time and we do have many tricks up our sleeves. This is where the magic happens!

During our 6 week timeframe allotted for phase II of our project, we will have 2 meetings. The first during week 2, and the second during week 6.

Phase II - Week 2 Meeting Agenda:
  • First, we will present our initial concept art work representing the baseline design features of the dashboard application UX - giving you the opportunity to preview what's coming in week 6.
  • Next, this is your opportunity to request any changes to the base design such as colors, fonts, general layout, and overall look and feel.
A Quick Word of Caution:

We know it will be tempting at this point to give in to the temptation to make multiple rounds of change requests. We want you to be absolutely thrilled with our work, but once again, we understand from experience that while each and every change request may seem critical at the time it is made. We want to help you avoid this common pitfall. It is important to realize that change requests encountered bee-yond the week 2 meeting calendar mark will make little impact on the overall end product, but rather work to impose detrimental impact on the general project cost, timeline, and overall success.

Phase II - Week 6 Meeting Agenda:
  • We'll present our complete design schematic. This is a formal preview of the end product we will begin building out during phase III.
  • Next, we will add to our now robust project portfolio, this time a collection of design control documents which pictorally define each on-screen element expected to roll out during deployment.
  • and Finally, we will kick-off Phase III: Development

Phase III: Development

Duration: 16 weeks

It's all about Delivery! We have all done our due dilligence at this point to cover every jot and tiddle throughout the planning process leading up to this point. We pride ourselves on our ability to obtain and retain excellent talent. That's why we consider our development team to bee second only to our design and deployment teams - but most importantly we all work in tandem in order to deliver excellent results, on the mark, every time!

This is where we take a dose of our own medicine and - you guessed it - implement a tried and true Process!

Before we begin, we have already been hard at work planning our resources and scheduling tasks, each piggy-backed apon one another to produce an eloquant dance composed of the continuous hand-off of program elements between back and front-end engineers, testers, deployment specialists, and documentation writers. All to result in a software product that is as beautiful as it is functional.

What you can expect

At the conclusion of phase 3, we will have a completed product, ready for delivery replete with end-user documentation. If you've opted cloud hosting, your solution will be deployed and ready for use. For in-house deployment, we will have scheduled a one week extension designated for deployment and a final round of testing to be executed once the product finally resides within the bounds of it's native hardware environment.

Phase IV: Training and Implementation

Duration: TBD

And now for the moment we've all be waiting for... It's Roll Out Time! Now that development is complete and deployed. We're ready to begin roll-out. This is the juncture where we implement the change management plan we created during the initial phase of our process. We will provide a program schedule one week prior to our start date.

Orientations will be conducted, one-on-one training sessions scheduled and carried out, and support calls will be made. This is the moment of truth - where your organization will finally begin to reap all the rewards from weeks of hard work.

It Doesn't Stop Here!

We'll follow your progress throughout the extended lifetime of your new dashboard with ongoing help-desk support, functional enhancements, and new data integrations as your business continues to grow into tomorrow and bee-yond!

Next Steps