Talent Aquisition

A Special Bonus for CORE Business Studio™ Clients

The Right Talent - Found!

A fitting finish to seal a lasting relationship

Hire A Different Sort

You've hired with recruiters, based on nothing further than a list of skills on a paper a list or maybe even a searchable database - all unverifiable until it's too late - you've hired the wrong person. It's a bad match. Statistics show that the mean cost of hiring and onboarding a new employee lies in excess of $10,000 each.

Since we make it our business to seek out ways to help our customers save money, we've conducted research we think might help you too. According to the many technical headhunters we've polled from all around the United States, the average longevity of a technical employee in a career track with any given company is 12 to 18 months. We believe this is due to the degenerated state of common methods of locating talent in the first place. While the advent of complexx databases has represented vast advances in many industries, talent recruitment is certainly not one of them.

While we've vertainly realized the full implecations of the age old adage of difficulty finding good help, it's time to repeating the same mistakes and do something else.

You've experienced first hand our patented CORE Business Studio™ process. Now it's time to experience yet another of our unique and truly outstanding qualities.

Bee-yond the Ordinary

Unlike other technology companies, we stand in a class of our own. This is partly because we encourage our talent to match up with our customers. You've just spent the last half year or more bee-coming intimately aquainted with some of our top team players. This means you've got more than just a list of skills, rather you've had the chance to experience, not only the first-hand fruit of those skills, but also the talents and integral personality of each individual person. This hiring model offers you the chance to do better than try before you buy because our process represents an intense exhibition of each individual under fire and with resilliance.

It Comes Down To Incentives

Most recruitment agencies charge a premium for their services that you may find outrageous, whether you choose to hire Contract or Permanent. 3 Bee does it different. While we maintain offerings for either option, it is our unique incentive program that rewards both employer and employee that makes the difference we hope will last an entire career.

Revolutionizing the Talent Onboarding Process

Because our focus is on our people, our primary concern is in placing each meticulously selected and trained individual into the right long-term employment situation. First and foremost, we recognize that our clients are every bit as unique as our team members. We believe whole-heartedly, that matching an individual to a company is just as much about matching a company to an individual.

As a client, you have very specific needs within your organization, as well as even more specific goals you want to accomplish by bringing on a new person. You've already made a significant investment of time, energy, and even finances into discovering your need for additional talent, we want to ensure you are able to reep the benefits of that investment. Therefore we place our talent by executing a well thought out 3-phase process designed to address the onboarding goals of both employee and organization, all at a flat rate conversion fee.

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